Resources for Finding Orientation and Mobility Specialists Certified to work with School Age Students in Texas

Education Service Centers

The Education Service Center in your region has Education Specialists that focus on the area of Visual Impairment; they often know of many local resources and are in contact with specialists who provide related services on a contract basis. Use the following link to find your Region and its Web site, then search the Region’s Web site for Visual Impairment and Orientation and Mobility. []

University Programs in Texas for Orientation and Mobility

Stephen F. Austin University: Tracy Hallak, 468-1173

Texas Tech University: Dr. Nora Giffin Shirley, 834-0225

On-Line Resources

Public Orientation and Mobility Listserve (great resource for reaching out to the community involved in Orientation and Mobility) []

AERBVI Orientation and Mobility Listserve (requires AER Membership) []

Other National/International Sources

AER has an online page for advertising positions, AER Job Bank: []

Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education maintains their Employment Board: []

SpedEx is another online job posting site, Job Exchange: []


Other Orientation and Mobility Specialist Training Programs in the United States that Train Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS)

California State University at Los Angeles

Dr. Diane Fazzi,

Brenda Naimy,

(323) 343-4411


Florida State University

Mickey Damelio,

(850) 583-1582


North Carolina Central University

Dr. Justin Kaiser,

(919) 530-5346


Northern Illinois University

Bill Penrod,

(815) 753-8452


Salus University

Dr. Fabiana Perla,

(215) 780-1367 


San Francisco State University

Dr. Sandra Rosen,

(415) 338-1245 


University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Dr. William Jacobson, 
(501) 569-8505 


University of Massachusetts Boston

Paula Kosior, 
(617) 287-7584 


University of Pittsburgh

Dr. George Zimmerman,

(412) 624-7247 


Western Michigan University

O&M for Children Contact 

(269) 387-5944