Orientation and Mobility Online Symposium, 2023

January 25-27, 2023

TX AER Conference 2023, Pathways and Perspectives

March 23-25, 2023 in Denton, TX

IMC 18, International Orientation and Mobility Conference

May 22-26, 2023 in Warsaw, Poland

Welcome to Sensory Travel

This site is all about getting to where you want using any tool that facilitates your travel. There are many sensory inputs that humans have to facilitate safe and independent travel including; auditory, kinesthetic, proprioceptive, tactile, and visual. So take a tour around the site and hopefully you will find something that you find interesting or that helps you get to where you want to go. If you have a question or comment please send an E-mail. There is a link at the bottom of each page; we would love to hear from you!

Angela and Chris Tabb