AER Orientation and Mobility Conference, 2017

July 19-22, 2017: AER International Orientation & Mobility Conference, Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, Pittsburgh, PA

SWOMA 2017

October 20-21, 2017: SWOMA 2017 "Exploring Changing Times" in Houston, Texas

Texas Focus 2018

March 1-3, 2018: Texas Focus, Crowne Plaza, Austin, TX

AER International Conference 2018

July 25-29, 2018: AER International 2018, Peppermill Resort, Reno, NV

17th International Mobility Conference (IMC17)

June 22-25, 2020: International Orientation and Mobility Conference, Gothenburg, Sweden

Internet Links

The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

An excellent resource for information on educational information of all kinds, specifically related to visual impairment and blindness.

World Access for the Blind

World Access for the Blind has information, videos, and programs on echolocation and additional percepetual awareness.

Suggested Reading

Finding Wheels: A Curriculum for Nondrivers With Visual Impairments for Gaining Control of Transportation Needs

By Anne L. Corn and L. Penny Rosenblum

"Parents: The Blind Child's First Mobility Teachers", on the Blind Children's Resource Center Web site

In the article, Joe Cutter shares his wisdom and experience in working with children and discusses how parents can nurture their child's indepdendence.

Files for Download

Orienation and Mobility Taxonomy of Skills

A listing (certainly not an exhaustive one) of skills for orientation and mobility that can be used to keep track of areas learned and those yet to be developed.

The Role of Orientation and Mobility in Gross Motor Development and Sensory Integration in Students Who are Visually Impaired

Presentation, in Microsoft Power Point format (2008).

Text of slides from the above presentation

This is a Microsoft Word document for accessing the text of the presentation for embossing, etc.